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Power Tools to Improve Your Services

If you work in the electrical field, there are a number of power tools you will need to perform your services. It’s a good idea to invest in high-grade tools so you can do quality work more efficiently, resulting in savings that you can pass on to your customer. USESI has a variety of power tools that can help you deliver great results, no matter what services you are looking to provide.

Hand Power Tools

Handheld tools are operated without power or electricity. Here are some essential handheld tools that every electrician should have in their toolbox.

Gerber Multi-Pliers Power Tools
Gerber Suspension Multi-Pliers

Pliers: Pliers are a must for every electrician, working to twist wires together for tight connections. They can also tighten Red B-caps and pull fish tape. They can even work as a hammer in a jam. USESI carries the Gerber 22-41471 12 Function Suspension Multi-Plier which is a multi-tool that comes with spring-loaded pliers that are easy on the hands. It also features a SAF.T Plus locking system, a fine edge knife, serrated knife, rough cut saw and more.

Levels: These are great measuring tools indicating an exact horizontal plane. They can be useful in installing EMT conduit and electrical cabinets. A popular item in the USESI catalog is the Checkpoint 0300R 4 Vial Pro Mag Precision Torpedo Level 13.2 Inch. It has a built-in auto 45-degree angle for quick referencing and perfect alignment. It is compact, lightweight and features oversized viewports for easy reading. Its oversized rare earth magnets ensure its extraordinary holding power.

Shovels: When underground digging is necessary to access electrical systems, a shovel becomes an essential tool for many electricians. The Dottie SHTR5 Professional Grade Trenching Shovel is recommended. It features a 42-inch long ergonomic fiberglass handle and 5-inch steel blade. It is also chemical resistant and safe from electrical shock.
Welding and Soldering Tools

Electricians often have to weld and solder electrical equipment. In doing so, they melt a low-temperature alloy on top of terminals to join them together and make a reliable electrical bridge.

Welding Torches and Accessories: In order to produce heat efficiently, quality welding torches and accessories are necessary. USESI sells that Eric T111 Head for Use with Surefire 14.1 and 16,.4 oz. Propane Cylinders Cadweld. This torch head produces an instant flame made by simply squeezing the control knob. It can withstand winds of up to 60 MPH without flare out.

Power and Hydraulic Tools

These are tools that require power or electricity to work. They are necessary items that every electrician should have in his toolbox.

Cable Cutter: Although cable can be cut manually, a power tool will make the cutting process easier and more efficient. USESI supplies the Milwaukee Tool 2472-21XC Cable Cutter Kit 10 ½ inch M12. This has powerful open jaws that can cut into 600 MCM copper and 750 MCM aluminum effortlessly. Its breakthrough ratcheting mechanism can help the cutter to fit into tight panels for more effective cutting.

Knock Out Tools: These are used to make or enlarge holes in metal. Although many professions in the service industry may use these, electricians use them most often, usually to enlarge holes in electrical boxes when installing cabling for computer systems or conduit to carry wiring. Though knock out tools can also be hand tools, a power tool will do the job more efficiently. USESI carries the Milwaukee Tool 2677-21 Knockout Took Kit 11.7 inch Length Force Logic M18. This kit contains a 2 compact battery pack, a multi-voltage charger, two draw studs, conduit punches and dies and a quick-connect alignment system and carrying case.

Milwaukee Power Tools
Milwaukee® Tool M18™ Fuel™ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Kit

Rotary Hammers: A rotary hammer uses non-muscular power to perform the hammering function resulting in more efficient work that can save time and labor. The Milwaukee Tool 2715-22 SDS Rotary Hammer Kit 18 Volt 1 1/8 Inch Solid Bit 3 Inch Thin Wall Core Bit M18 Fuel is USESI recommended. It includes a multi-voltage charger, extended capacity battery packs, a depth rod, side handle and carrying case. It’ electronics allows for advanced communications between your batteries and tools as well as high performance and productivity.

Flashlights and Special Lights

When doing home improvement service, you often find yourself in situations where lighting is not adequate. There are several lighting options that will provide illumination in these cases.
Headlamps: These come in handy, providing constant illumination without the need to take up another hand to hold the lighting device. USESI carries the Klein Tools 5620 Adjustable LED Head Lamp. This product features an anti-slip silicone strap that keeps the lamp securely fastened to a hard hat. It offers a 45-degree tilt that ensures it provides the exact angle of light required. It features both a spotlight and floodlight mode.

Job Site and Temporary Lighting: These also provide lighting that is constant and does not take up a useful hand which may be necessary for other tasks. The Coleman Cable 017145-88-02 Temporary Light String with Plastic Guard 150 Watt 300 Volt Cord-O-Lite is a temporary light string that features a protective plastic guard. It accommodates an A23 incandescent bulb and has a voltage rating of 300V. It is approved for indoor and outdoor use.

Storage and Organization

When you are on the job site, you need your tools to be accessible and you need them to be where you want them when you want them to be there. Time is money and you can’t afford to waste time searching for equipment. That is why storage and organization are so important. Here are a few tools that can help you keep organized while you work.

Vehicle Storage Solutions: It’s important to stay organized when you are taking your gear from location to location. There are many tools available that help you store your equipment in your vehicle neatly so you can access it easily while loading and unloading when traveling to different job sites. The Rolacase RSCHCK/81 Cable Drum Holder for Use with 8 Series Shelving can come in handy. It is perfect for 8 series shelving and accommodates large cable and wire spools.

Tool Belts and Suspenders: In order to easily access equipment when moving from location to location on a job site, a tool belt or suspenders are necessary. The Rack-A-tiers 43244 Electrician’s Belt and Bag Combo 9 Pockets X-Large 41-44 Inch Waist includes a molded air channel support belt, electrician’s tool pouch, large 9 pocket tool pouch, hammer holster and tape holder.

Fish Tapes and Conduit Tools

Fish tape and conduit tools can come in handy when electricians are trying to route wiring through walls and electrical conduit and for bending conduit. There are several tools that can come in handy for these purposes.

Powered Wire Pulling: These tools can be effective when pulling wire through hard to access spaces. The Greenlee G6 120V Ac 12 Amp Cable Puller 7.5 ft. Boom Extension Turbo features a ¾ inch double braided composite pulling rope and two-speed motors that can offer 6000 lb. load capacity. It uses ergonomic designs to eliminate heavy lifting during installations.

Hand Conduit Benders: The difficult yet necessary task of bending conduit makes the use of conduit benders necessary. The Greenlee 1811 Offset Hand Bender ¾ Inch EMT Little Kicker is a recommended tool which makes identical offsets every time for wall mounted boxes with an exposed conduit. It bends in one easy operation creating an offset that matches the knockout box.

These are just some of the power tools that are commonly found in electrician’s tool boxes and work benches which help them to perform their jobs more efficiently. If you work with electricity and are looking for more efficient tools, or are just looking to build on your collection, USESI has a great variety of equipment that can help save you time and money. Do not hesitate to check out their website or one of their many locations for the very best in all your electrical needs.

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