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Types of CCTV Cameras

A CCTV (closed circuit television) system is used to monitor specific areas for surveillance and security purposes. There are several types of cameras available for these systems. If you are looking to install a CCTV system in your home or business, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various cameras available to see which is best suited for your application. Here are some of the different kinds of cameras that are available.

Types of CCTV Cameras:

types of cctv cameraDome Cameras: These cameras are installed in a dome shaped housing and are best suited for indoor security and surveillance. Their domed design makes them appear discreet and unobtrusive, but not hidden, making it best suited to retail locations.

The camera design makes it difficult for potential criminals to tell where the camera is facing, which helps to deter them from partaking in illegal activities because they know that someone is watching them. Customers will feel safer knowing that the establishment is conducting the necessary security measures.

Speed Dome cameras are also available. These have a pan/tilt/zoom function which moves on a timed basis. This helps the cameras to cover wide areas and move to avoid poor light conditions that may occur at certain times of the day.

Bullet CCTV Camera: Bullet cameras feature a long, cylindrical shape that is ideal for long distance viewing. It typically will not have pan/tilt/zoom features but will capture images pointing at a fixed location.

It is typically wall or ceiling mounted and is mostly for indoor use.For outdoor application, choose a waterproof unit.  Also, use a casing to protect it against dust dirt, rain, hail and other harmful elements.

C-Mount CCTV Cameras: These have detachable lenses that fit different applications. Standard CCTV lenses cover distances between 35 to 40 ft. There are also special lenses thatfit the C-Mount cameras and help extend its range.

Day/Night Cameras: These cameras can capture images in normal and poorly lit environments. These also cover a wide range of area, and record a wide range of area, making them ideal for outdoor monitoring. Infrared illuminators are not needed because these function in glare, direct sunlight, reflections and strong backlight.

Infrared/Night Vision Cameras: These cameras use Infrared LEDs to see in pitch black conditions. They are ideal for outside conditions where there is little to no light.

Network/IP CCTV Camera: These cameras can be hardwired or wireless and they can transmit images over the internet. They have the ability to compress the bandwidth so it does no overwhelm the web. They are easier to install than analog cameras because they do not require a separate cable run or power boost to send images over a longer distance.

Wireless CCTV Camera: Some cameras can use wireless transmission that is not IP based. No matter what transmission method they use, they are all extremely flexible in installation.

High Definition Cameras: These cameras have the ability to zoom with extreme clarity. They are suited to niche markets, like casinos, where they might be used to monitor the activity of a poker player who could be cheating.

Recommended CCTV Cameras

Now that you are familiar with the most common types of CCTV cameras, it is a good idea to become acquainted with some recommended models. These models are all carried by the reputable electrical distributors, USESI, and can be available online or at their various locations for pick up.

arecont vision cctv camera
Available at USESI

Arecont Vision AV8185DN Day/Night Panoramic IP Camera 6.8 Incdh Diax6.9 Inch Height 8MP 180 Degree: This camera features a dual encoder, 8-MP resolution, IP addressable 180 degree with integrated 4 high sensitivity 2-MP sensors, 8-mm lens, a vandal resistant dome enclosure with rated IP66 for water and dust protection and an optional heater/blower. It has the ability to output image formats which allow for the simultaneous viewing of the full resolution field of view and regions of interest for high definition forensic zooming. The camera meets FCC Class A, CE and RoHS standards.

Speco HT7246H Vandal Resistant Intensifier H Series Dome Camera 700 TV Lines 2.8-1.2 mm Auto Iris Varifocal Dark Gray: This camera has heater circuitry and an anti-moisture glass to eliminate fog and condensation. It amplifies the existing light with no distance limitations. The relay outputs help with motion detection. It has a 3-axis lens that is vandal and weather resistant. It has a 2.8-1.2 mm auto iris varifocal lens that supports 700 lines of color resolution. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use such as elevators, hallways and dark area. It is cULus listed.

DS-2CD2142FWD-IS Day/Night Dome Camera 4.4 Inche Dia x 3.2 Inch Height 4MP 106 83 55.4 Degree: This camera can capture up to 4-MP resolution in HD real time video. It has a 2.8 mm/4 mm/ 6 mm fixed lens that can help cover information up to 120 dB wide dynamic range. The camera supports H2.64+, DC12V and PoE. It meets ONVIF, PSIA, CGI and ISAPI standards.

DS-2CD2132F-I Day/Night Dome Camera 4.4 Inch Dia x 3.2 Inch Height 3MP 86 70 43.3 20.6 Degree: This camera captures 1.3MP/3MP high resolution HD real time video. It has IR LEDs that help cover information up to 100 ft and it is IK10 vandal resistant, and an on board storage capacity of up to 128GB.

ring cctv camera
Available at USESI

Ring 88SC000FC100 Stick Up HD Camera 1280×720 720P Black: This camera has an 80 degree viewing angle. It has a bracket mount design that includes accessories like stick up cam, security mount, quick release mount, screwdriver handle, screwdriver bit, drill bit, micro USB charging cable, installation screws, anchors and a set up guide. It features bank grade encryption and lifetime purchase protection. It is an indoor camera that is suitable for use with a desktop computer.

CCTV is very useful in deterring criminal activity and providing a sense of security. The camera you choose is very important to the overall functioning of the system, so be familiar with the various types available before deciding which one will be best suited for your application. Good luck finding a CCTV system that works for you

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