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Power Outage: Some Go To Products That Can Get You Through

You’re sitting at home watching your favorite television show or browsing the computer, when it happens. Suddenly the power goes out. Frustrated, you try to find ways to function while waiting for power to be restored as you realize how often you take for granted all the wonders of modern technology.

Power outage can occur at any time of the day for a number of reasons. It could be a heavy rain or a snowstorm. It could be a natural disaster like an earthquake, tornado or hurricane. Power outages can last for hours or even days. They can be aggravating if they happen in your home. If they occur in a place of business, they can lead to losing valuable revenue.

In order to keep the damage done by a power outage minimal, it is best to invest in devices that can be helpful in these situations. Here are some products that can be useful in the case of a power failure.

Emergency Lights

An emergency light will activate automatically in the case of a power outage. It must be fully charged in order to work, so keep it plugged in. If you want to be eco-friendly, consider using a solar powered light. Lights will stay lit for a varying amount of time which should be specified on the package or in the product’s manual.

One type of a recommended emergency light is the Hubbell Lighting EV2 Wall/Ceiling Mount 2 Head LED Emergency Light 1 Watt 120/277 Volt AC White Dual Light. This light is easy to install,\ and durable. It comes with adjustable lamp heads and provides bright and uniform light. It offers 90 minutes of emergency lighting and features like self testing and self diagnosis.

The light comes with 2 bulbs so that if one malfunctions, there is a second one available for backup. It also has a low voltage battery disconnect which protects the battery from damage during prolonged power failures. The LED has a lifetime warranty and the EV has a 3 year warranty.

Another type of light that is recommended is the Lithonia Lighting EM2-LED M12 Wall/Ceiling Mount 2 Head LED Emergency Light 1.5 Watt 120/277 Volt AC White Quantum. This is a low maintenance device that supplies superior lighting in emergency situations.

Like the Hubbell, the Lithonia light also provides two lights so you are covered in the event that one fails. It is a durable product with a compact, low profile design. It comes with a Ni-cad battery. There is also a battery option that allows use with four LED lamp heads.


Another option in backup lighting in the case of a power outage, is an inverter. These work by converting DC electricity from sources such as batteries and fuel cells to AC electricity. They provide the right kind of power to keep household appliances running. They work on lower powered appliances like laptops and computers, but do not have enough charge to power dishwashers or washing machines. Inverters work when they are connected to a car battery. If you are using an inverter when the car is not running, it is best to test the car to make sure the inverter did not drain its battery supply.

The Bodine-ELI-S-250 Emergency Back Up Inverter 120/277 Volt AC 250 Watt is recommended for use during a power outage. It works with fluorescent, LED or incandescent fixtures. It instantly provides 90 minutes of power to the connected lighting load. Connected fixtures can be turned on, off or dimmed while the inverter is providing power.

A low voltage disconnect protects the battery from damage. Once power is restored, the unit returns to charge mode and the battery will be fully recharged within 24 hours. The product also has a 5 year warranty. It provides 300 continuous or up to 700 instantaneous watts so that even larger appliances can function.

Another recommended inverter is the Bestek MRI3011BY. These have a durable aluminum alloy housing and can keep up to four of your devices running at a time.

The Bestek inverter features three spare fuses, 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports for fast, multi-purpose charging. It is compact, lightweight and easy to transport. It protects devices from short circuiting, overheating and overcharging and also comes with an 18 month warranty.

Power Bank

Another product that might come in handy in the case of a power outage is a power bank. A power bank helps your cell phone maintain a full charge during power outages. It can also keep tablets and iPods charged, as well as multiple devices at one time. Keep the power bank fully charged so it is ready to go in the case of emergencies.

Before purchasing a power bank, make sure that you buy one that is compatible with your devices. Find out the number of charges a power bank can give, whether the power bank has a built in USB charger and what kind of gadgets the power bank can charge.

If you are in the market for a power bank, the Allpowers 3400mAh Mini Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank is recommended. This is a basic version of the product which offers a battery of no more than 3400mAh. Because of its miniature size, it is very portable. An iPhone can be charged 1.5 times with this device. It also protects against short circuiting. The product is known to be fairly inexpensive and have a modern cheerful look.

The Easy Acc Classic 15000mAh Solar Panel Power Bank with Flashlight External Battery Portable Charger is another great and eco-friendly choice. It features two USB charging ports and can charge anywhere there is sunlight. Its sturdy battery can charge devices many times.

Mechanically Powered Torchlight

Another product that can help you in the case of a power outage is a mechanically powered torchlight. Because these are mechanically powered, they do not require battery charge to function. They are powered by mechanical force and you need to turn the crankshaft in order to make them work. If the power runs out, you can just turn the crankshaft again to restore power.

If you are looking for a mechanically powered torchlight, the Epica Emergency flashlight is a recommended product that  offers great illumination as well as a three band radio that can keep you up to date on emergency conditions. The device can be activated by cranking, by solar power or by a USB connection. Each activation offers 20 minutes of power. There’s also a USB socket that can charge cell phones.

Another great product is the Cynergy Home Emergency Flashlight. This product not only provides light; it can also work as a compass, a window breaker, a cell phone charger and a seat belt cutter. It can be charged by cranking the handle or through a USB port. It is lightweight, durable and water resistant.

A power outage may not be the first thing on people’s minds, but if they occur, they can be stressful for any number of reasons. In the case that a power outage happens to you, it is best to be prepared. There are great products that can help you out in the event of a power failure. It’s a good idea to look into your options and figure out which one might work for you so you can be prepared for any situation.

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