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USESI: Your Trusted Electrical Supply Store

U.S. Electrical Services, Inc. (USESI) is a world class distributor of electrical products, made up of eleven reputable companies that are located all over the East Coast. Read on to find out more about why USESI is a great business to have a professional relationship with.

USESI: Why Our Customers Love Us

USESI - US Electrical ServicesUSESI is a distributor of electrical products, setting us apart from the typical electrical supply store and manufacturers. What’s nice about buying from us, as distributors, is that we offer a wide range of electrical products for residential, commercial and industrial categories. Because of this, customers can enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping with a single line of credit.

We also offer excellent customer service. Our experienced sales staff can help customers find the best products for their needs. Our product management team can provide delivery of products when our customers need them, whether it’s 12 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning! On top of that, we are constantly updating our e-commerce platform so that our customers can enjoy smooth online transactions. We strive to provide our clients with improved service that will make things more convenient for them.

Customers may also be happy to hear that USESI is on top of energy conservation, offering efficient choices in our products and services. To find out more about how we’re doing our part, check out our Renewable Solutions Division.

USESI is an American family owned company that is supportive of the entrepreneurial sprit and U.S. electrical services. We represent a family of 11 companies which include 85 branches and 150,000 electrical products. Although we are a corporation, we try to give our companies as much decision-making power as possible. We understand that they are the ones working with their customers on a daily basis and may be better in tune to their needs and wants.

We do business under our company’s brand names in an attempt to promote the long standing solid reputations of those brands. We are committed to making our corporation and its acquired companies trustworthy names in the electrical supply store business for years to come.

USESI: Why Our Employees Love Us

USESI prides ourselves in being a customer service oriented company. We are always striving to do the best for our clients…but we can’t do it without the help of a great staff. That’s why we are constantly looking to add to our ever-growing team. If you are looking for a job in U.S. electrical services industry, here’s why USESI may be a good fit for you.

There are a variety of jobs available at USESI, including customer service, clerical, management and corporate positions to name a few. No matter what you might be looking for in the employment field, it is likely we have a job that is suited to your needs, abilities and goals. Furthermore, we offer extensive paid training opportunities, providing you with both the professional and personal experience you need to work your way up in the job market.

Once you begin working with USESI, you will see that it is about more than great opportunities. We treat our staff well. We understand that our employees need a work-life balance so we work with them on creating a schedule that is suited to their needs. We know that an employee that is happy in their personal lives will be better able to perform on a professional level.

We offer a helpful training staff to newer employees in need of mentorship and assistance in handling their tasks. This results in a strong support structure as people move forward in our company. They know they will always have someone to turn to as important decisions need to be made.

Employees can also rest easy knowing they are working for a great company that has a community-based mentality. Our ‘think local’ attitude allows our companies to have the freedom to excel in their targeted area. We are also a privately held company so, for us, it’s about more than the bottom line- it’s about creating a happy and successful corporation that will be there to support our companies and employees for years down the road.

Those that are interested in joining the USESI work team should feel encouraged to check out the various positions available to our workers on the USESI web site at the following link: . There you can enter your location and browse the positions available.

USESI: Looking Towards the Future:

USESI - US Electrical Services, Inc.The USESI company is constantly expanding. We are growing and our companies are growing. To keep on top of newly opened branches of electrical supply stores and recent developments in U.S. electrical services, customers should feel encouraged to subscribe to our newsletter. These can also provide readers with safety tips, information on new products and what’s going on in the electric industry.

The USESI branches also host events that help educate customers on electrical services and products. These include Counter Days and our Open House events. Some events include prizes and giveaways for those in attendance. The USESI web site can also provide you with information on upcoming events at the following link:

USESI is clearly a forward thinking electrical distributor who makes the needs of their customers and employees a priority. We believe that the individuals who make up the backbone of their corporation are the ones who matter and we strive to continue to make those relationships positive ones. That is why USESI is on a path to being a leader in the electrical supply store and U.S. electrical services industry for years to come.

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