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Money Saving Ways to Generate Electricity

Electricity is a necessary component in every business and household. Unfortunately, we must also pay for it, and bills can get expensive. There is also an increasing need to conserve energy. But what if there were ways to conserve energy while you efficiently generate electricity for free?

Ways to Generate Electricity

There are a number of ways to make it possible at no cost while being environmentally friendly. Read more about these methods below.

Solar Foil Cells (Solar Energy):

solar panel generate electricityThe most popular way of obtaining energy for free while taking advantage of natural resources is through the use of solar panels. Though panels are not cheap to install (with an installation cost of around $2000), the cost can be absorbed quickly through a greatly reduced electricity bill. In many countries, the government will also provide subsidies to households that are using solar energy.

Wind Power:

windmill generate electricityUsing wind power, you can convert wind energy into electrical energy. It is necessary to have a windmill in order to do this. The windmill must be placed in a location where wind will be readily available. The wind that goes through the wings of the windmill will make the wind rotate and generate electricity. Buying one is also an expense that can be absorbed in the savings on your electricity bill. Another way to save money is to build it yourself.


Another device that can generate electricity for free is a zero point magnetic generator. It works by inducing perpetual motion by propelling itself to generate electricity. You can build a zero point magnetic generator yourself and use it to get electricity off the grid.

The machine uses magnets and magnetic force to produce perpetual motion which will generate energy nonstop. The machine does not take up much space and can be stored inside your home or close to it. It makes no sound. The machine can be purchased or you can make it yourself for as little as $100.

Microhydro Electricity:

This uses running water to generate electricity. Water flows from a higher level to a lower level that turns a turbine located at the bottom of the system. Because of the constant flow of water, energy is created continuously and more efficiently than other systems. However, in order to take advantage of the benefits of microhydro electricity, you need to have an onsite body of water, like a stream in your backyard.

Of course, although all these methods will result in a conservation of energy and money, they require a considerable investment of time and/or money. Those looking to save on their energy bills should also be aware that plain and simple conservation is an option. One dollar in energy conservation can save three to five dollars in energy generation equipment costs, making it unnecessary to spend money in order to save. It’s a wise idea to look into retrofits in insulation and efficiency upgrades that can help to this end. Good luck in finding ways to save money on your electrical costs!

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